As we have entered this new era of business, there has been a significant change in priorities at a need level. Employees have had time to introspect and are now focusing on the finer nuances of their work-life such as appreciation, freedom & autonomy, sense of inclusion, authenticity and so on. With salaries no longer being the primary reason to stay at a job, organizations must start investing in their people’s happiness.

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From a company’s viewpoint also the business case for happyness at the workplace is undeniable. Studies consistently demonstrate that cultivating a positive and happy work environment leads to numerous advantages for both employees and the organization. Not making it central to your workplace would be a missed opportunity.

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Sign up for our global Happiest Places to WorkR certification program! Showcase your commitment to making your workplace a happy one. Understand what makes your people happy and gain access to best practices. When you meet our qualifying score, you'll be recognized as one of the Happiest Places to WorkR !

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Why Should you get Happyness Certified?

Deep Dive
Happiness Quotient

Understand how happy your employees are while identifying driving factors for happyness and key areas that need focus. Get access to a comprehensive dashboard with rich granular data and customizable demographic filters.

Talent Magnet

Stand out as an employer of choice as a company who invests in their employee’s happyness. Attract highly skilled and motivated individuals who are looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable work environment.

Bottom Line

A happy work culture has proven benefits in terms of more productive employees, increased collaboration, enhanced innovation and magnanimous employees who are involved in the work that they do.

Boosts Company

Being certified as a happy workplace sends a positive message to customers, partners, and investors, which can have a beneficial impact on your brand and market positioning.

Retention Ace

When employees are happy and engaged due to the positive work culture, they are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere, reducing turnover and saving on recruitment and training costs.

Brand Ambassador

Happy employees can become advocates for their organizations, promoting the company to friends, family, and their professional networks.

Don't Miss Out on Workplace Transformation! Join the ranks of the happiest workplaces and embark on a journey towards a brighter future for your company and employees. Happiness is contagious, and it starts with you!

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Receive digital collaterals and creative designs that can be used on your website, letterhead, emails, visiting cards, stickers, and other products of your choice. Along with assistance in drafting press releases to create a sense of pride for both internal and external stakeholders.

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5 Steps to certification


Complete the registration process and undertaking through a simple online form. Get a relationship manager assigned to you for the rest of the process.

2. Client Data
& Socialisation

2. Client Data
& Socialisation

Decide on your launch date, upload people data as per customizable demographic filters to gather the best insights. Receive an entire onboarding pack with socialisation material and mailers.

3. Happyness

Happyness Dialogue will be live for a period of 2 weeks. Reminder links will be automatically sent out by the platform. Get access to real-time dashboard insights + system generated reports.

4. Certification

If you achieve the qualifying scores you will be certified as one of the ‘Happiest Places to WorkR ’. Receive an entire branding kit to spread the message and reap the benefits!

5. Complete brandiNG

Once you are certified we will provide you with an entire branding kit that will include press release draft, creative designs and communication material for amplification.