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Happiness is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling—it's
a powerful force with a demonstrably positive impact
on our lives. Studies have linked happiness to improved
physical and mental health, increased productivity,
stronger relationships, and even economic growth.
By prioritizing happiness, we invest in a better future for
ourselves and generations to come.

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Becoming certified as a Happiest Place to Work® offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your employer brand. This distinction will establish you as an "Employer of Choice," helping you attract top talent and build a reputation as a happy workplace. The certification provides you with valuable, actionable insights into employee well-being and involvement levels.

Enhance Employer Branding > Boost Productivity > Reduce Attrition > Reduce Attrition > Attract Top Talent > Stakeholder Appreciation

  • Enhance Employer Branding

    Elevate your company’s reputation as an employer of choice, making it more attractive to prospective employees.

  • Boost Productivity

    Happy workplaces increase employee efficiency and output, directly contributing to better business performance.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Cultivate professional relationships and collaborations that can drive personal and organizational growth.

  • Reduce Attrition

    A happy work environment retains talent, decreasing turnover and the associated costs of recruitment and training.

  • Attract Top Talent

    A positive, supportive work culture draws highly skilled professionals eager to contribute and succeed.

  • Stakeholder Appreciation

    Happy employees enhance company reputation, leading to increased satisfaction and support from clients, investors, and partners.

Certified Happiest Places to Work® Companies
3 Steps - Claim Your Certificate Get certified in 6 weeks!

Register. Set a launch date. Internal Socialisation.


People participate in the Happyness dailogue.


Qualifying scores get you Certified. Celebrate & Amplify.

Certificate & Amplification Upon certification, you'll receive digital assets for your website, letterhead, emails, business cards, stickers, and other products. Enjoy the opportunity to feature on our Freedom to be Happy podcast and get help drafting press releases to instill pride among your stakeholders.
Trailblazers' Testimonials

Baskar Vardhan

CHRO, Natural Remedies

“Very good credibility behind the people of HPTW, the amount of experience they bring in, not only as professionals but as people who understand human behaviour. I feel all those things have gone behind the way questions are being formed, exercised, and explained.”

Sameer Nair

CEO, Applause Entertainment

“It’s good to get a feedback mechanism in place and good to know what people are saying. Often times staff and colleagues don’t get to speak up.”

Avinash Pandey

CEO, ABP Network

“A happy employee leads to a happy customer and a happy customer leads to a happy organisation. A happy employee always does extra and goes beyond, believes that he is working for a larger goal where they are able to contribute to help the organisation grow.”

Sachin Shirke

Senior Manager HR, IMS Learning Resources

“The exercise we ran has instilled a feeling of ‘caring’ among our employees. Systematic ways of identifying factors that affect overall performance and engagement have given us insights to build a strategy going forward.”

Pramoud Rao

COO,Zimaxx Tech Solutions

Amidst the busyness of day-to-day operations, staying connected to the realities of our business, especially regarding employee happiness and well-being, is crucial."

Ganesh Gadave

CHRO, IMS Learning Resources

“The USP of HPTW is the marriage between technology and the understanding of human beings. The leadership team comes with huge experience and expertise of people management skills.”

Anurag Agarwal

Managing Director, Natural Remedies

“During our search for finding how we could assess how happy we were as an organisation was when we got connected with HPTW. When you don’t measure, you can’t imporove and we want to improve our happyness quotient.”

Khusbhoo sharma HR


“Our experience with the happyness team was exceptional. Their support was always just a call away, ensuring smooth operations without any challenges. The real standout was their powerful tool,”

Pramoud Rao

COO,Zimaxx Tech Solutions

“Many times, we get disconnected from the realities of business, especially when it comes to employee happiness or workforce well-being. These feedbacks are extremely important to us because the mirror is in front of us for us to gauge the mood of the employees.”

Ganesh Gadave

CHRO, IMS Learning Resources

“The culture of happiness is at the core of every human beings. We all live life for happiness. One thing that I learnt from HPTW’s team is that you are the owner of your happiness and it is not in someone else’s hand. Bringing the culture of happiness in an organisation will improve the Involvement level of employees, I think its the most important element of every organisation.”